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All Hero Electric Bikes are fitted with a BLDC Hub Motor which gives it and advantage over other 2 wheelers and provides a smooth riding experience with a high starting capability and ability to climb high gradients.

What is a BLDC Hub Motor?

BLDC Motors Stands for Brushless Direct Current Motor. A typical brushless motor has permanent magnets which rotate around a fixed arm, eliminating problems associated with connecting current to the moving armature. This motor is fixed into the Hub of the bike’s wheel. Many electric vehicles use an ordinary electric wheel to power the motor that powers all wheels but the Hub Motor is fixed directly onto the wheel of the bike so that the motor and the wheel are the same thing.

What are the advantages of a BLDC Hub Motor?

Brushless motors offer several advantages over brushed DC motors, including High Torque To Weight Ratio, More Torque Per Watt (increased efficiency), Increased Reliability, Reduced Noise, Longer Lifetime (no brush and commutator erosion), Elimination of Ionizing Sparks From The Commutator, And Overall Reduction of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).

  • Since the Hub Motor is fixed onto the wheel of the bike, power delivery is instant.
  • There are very few working parts in the Hub Motor making it more reliable and easy to maintain.
  • Additionally, Hub motors are fairly stealthy in their appearance and near-silent operation.