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Sealed Lead Acid Batteries are basically the same as flooded cell batteries. In these batteries electrolyte is in gelatin form and is absorbed into the plates. The battery is then sealed with epoxy. They are exceptionally leak resistant.

As they are inexpensive compared, lead–acid batteries are widely used even when surge current is not important and other designs could provide higher energy densities.


  • The battery type is a Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • 36-volt (3 x 12) and 48-volt (4 x 12) Battery Packs
  • 15 , 20 & 24 Amp-Hour capacity
  • Maximum Operating Voltage: 39.6 V (36 V system), 52.8 V (48 Volt System)
  • Low Voltage Cut-Off (LVCO): 31.5 (36 V system), 42 V (48 Volt System)
  • Claimed Cycle Life: 300 charge/discharge cycles