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In 2007, Hero Electric started its own manufacturing of Electric Bikes at its state-of-art manufacturing facility at Mangli Plant, 10 kms from Ludhiana. The E-bike Mechanical critical parts viz. Frame, Fork, Swing arm, Handle bar, Carriers, Center and side stands are being manufactured in the plant. The parts after fabrication are pretreated and powder coated in the plant to increase the life. The inspection is done at various manufacturing stages. The plant has in-house paint shop facilities to paint Plastic parts in different variants. The E-Bike assembly is done on a conveyorized set up with Audio-Visual controls and modern manufacturing concepts backed by stringent quality system.

Plant 1

Reliability Test

E-Bike parts are tested in the Lab for reliability test .The plant has state-of-the-art reliability testing facilities like endurance test for tyre, fatigue test for handlebar, life test for all electrical components, brake wire testing, water dip test for motors, salt spray testing for steel parts, battery testing and analysis, UV/weather test for plastic painted parts and brake shoe performance testing. The E-Bike is also tested for reliability on a Bump Testing Machine keeping in mind the Indian road conditions and customer expectations for product life.













Product Testing

E-Bikes are tested in-house on the parameters of electrical performance on a Dynamometer testing machine which is designed on the basis of imported advanced technology. In addition, 100% E-Bikes are tested on a specially developed E-BIKE TEST TRACK, designed and constructed for bad road conditions, uneven bumps, rain showers, water logging on roads and steep gradients on flyovers.

Assembly Line

The E-bikes are finally arranged systematically in plant once the vehicle is properly tested


Pre-Dispatch Inspection

All the E-bikes in plant are rigorously inspected before dispatching to the dealers.

Final Dispatch

E-bikes are dispatched in an especially designed truck containers to avoid any transit damages during journey from plant to dealership destinations.