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I switched to the Hero Electric Photon around 3 months back and it’s made my commute to office a lot easier and much cheaper. I travel around 50 kms in a day and the Photon has been my best companion so far. I no longer need to constantly refuel and line up at petrol pumps. Not only that, I don’t even feel tired after a journey as this is so easy to ride and super silent. My wife uses the e-Bike too whenever she needs to run her daily errands. It’s truly the perfect vehicle for the common(sense) man.
Dhanraj Chopra
Hero Electric Photon
December 28, 2016
After researching on various e-Bikes, I have bought a Hero Electric Cruz. Hero E-Bikes are very economical to buy and sophisticated to run. It is better to buy an e-Bike if you are really concerned about the increase of pollution in your surroundings. From some of the users, I have heard that average life of battery is minimum of 3 years which saves a minimum of Rs.10,000 compared to normal bikes. Only 1 unit of power is consumed for a full charge of battery, which gives a mileage of 60 kms. Really, if you want to change your society into eco-friendly, come forward and make your first step by buying a Hero Electric Bike.
Varun Kumar
Hero Electric Cruz
December 28, 2016
Bought a Hero Electric Maxi as it’s the only model in India with a portable battery that I can carry to my 20th story home to charge. Regarding cost of commute, this can be the best deal available as per user convenience. Since speed is capped at 25 kmph and load to 2 adults, you pay no road tax or insurance and in fact you don’t even need a Driving License. Since per charge range is capped to 70 kms when battery is new and 35 kms when the battery is 2 years old, one needs to be sure the bike will be used regularly as the battery life is limited to 2 Years or 15,000 kms whichever is earlier. If you think you could run the bike 20-30 kms every day, it will be far cheaper than any petrol bike. In short, if you know what you will use this bike for and how frequently, then this is the best deal available.
Amit Nayar
Hero Electric Maxi
December 28, 2016
I wanted to share my experience of owning a Hero Electric Bike. I bought a Hero Electric Maxi and used that model for 3 and a half years without any problem at all. In my opinion it is the easiest bike to ride and requires no effort at all since its very light weight. On charging once I can use it for 2 - 3 days without worry. I was so satisfied with the experience of owning it, I have now again purchased Optima+ 6 months ago. Thank you Hero Electric & Quetta Motors, Dehradun.
Chetna Arora
Hero Electric Maxi & Optima+
December 28, 2016
I bought this bike in Feb’13 from Darbhanga and enjoying the ride. It has very good looks and extremely good battery backup and suits the needs of my family quite well. Because it is very lightweight and has good control in handling, my wife and daughter can also ride it to classes / market etc. The service at Darbhanga is also very good.
Hero Electric E-Sprint
December 28, 2016
In our daily routine the money we pay for fuel is too much. Hero Electric is perfect bike for you to save your money which you are wasting in fuel. Its wheel size is 16 inch which is biggest in scooties. It consists only motor and battery. It does not consist engine and gear box. Hero Electric rides smoothly and it does not produce any vibrations. The electricity cost to charge the battery is also very cheap since it can fully charge my bike at just Rs.15. It’s not expensive at all.
Kamlesh Panwar
Hero Electric Photon
December 28, 2016
I had gifted a Hero Electric Optima + to my mom this Mother's Day. Her experience has been great since then. The bike is lightweight, easy and convenient. She eventually stopped using her previous bike which she felt was heavyweight. Thank you Hero Electric for making my mom's routine a lot easier!!
Abhijit Singh
Hero Electric Optima+
December 28, 2016