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Hero Electric Launches Flash: The Most Economical 2 Wheeler in the Country

Feb 06,2017 06:26 AM.

2nd February 2017 witnessed us launch our newest e-Bike: Flash at the Green Mobility Expo 2017, New Delhi.

The e-scooter is a beautiful amalgamation of state-of-the-art engineering technology and concern for the environment. Aimed at early adopters of electric mobility and first time e-vehicle buyers, FLASH is the most affordable e-scooter or one can say that this is the most economical (easy to own, easy to maintain) 2 wheeler in the country that comes with the trust and confidence of Hero Electric coupled with a high-quality build. It is also equipped with complete short-circuit protection and provides under-the-seat storage facility, thus scoring high on the safety and utility aspects, making it a veritable game-changer for the market at large. The vehicle, which is available in two beautiful colours of Burgundy-Black and Silver-Black, has an aesthetic design combined with a style that optimizes utility and visual appeal.

Featuring a 250 Watt Motor, coupled with a 48-volt, 20 Ah VRLA battery that covers a range of 65 km /charge, FLASH packs a punch when it comes to an effective and efficient performance. Considering the fact that youngsters and first-time drivers will form a significant portion of its target users, FLASH has been given a steady body and balanced design which makes is extremely easy for even beginners to ride with ease. The fact that Flash does not require a driving license or registration in order to drive it makes it extremely popular among the young, teenage demography.

FLASH is the epitome of the latest and the best of technology available in the e-automobile sphere. It weighs only 87 kgs, helping it score very high on maneuverability. Mag-alloy wheels, telescopic suspension and a full body crash guard will further enhance its popularity among users and drive greater adoption for e-vehicles in the country.

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