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Hero Electric NYX E5 is now available at 0% EMI on paytm mall app

May 18,2018 05:52 AM.

Hero Electric, the country’s largest electric two-wheeler manufacturer, today, launched India’s first, “City Speed” lithium-ion, electric scooter NXY e5, in Chandigarh.  The occasion saw presence of Naveen Munjal, Managing Director, Hero Electric, and Sohinder Gill, CEO, Global Business, Hero Electric.

Speaking at the launch event, Naveen Munjal said, “The City Speed NXY e5 is the frontrunner electric two wheeler of the future. My brief to the R&D team was for a strong work horse performer at value for money price, fast charging and fast speed. I congratulate the team for delivering on my vision, which I am proud to be launching nationally from Chandigarh.” Electric two wheelers are value for money as they offer virtually zero running cost, ease of operation, with strong acceleration, zero noise and zero emission. As they are a sustainable mode of mobility, practical and have a very low operating cost – operating at just 1/3rd the cost of a petrol scooter, they are preferred choice and vehicle of the future.

Sohinder Gill, said, “With the roll out of City Speed NXY e5 we have created a new benchmark for 2-Whelers with performance and features bundled with very low cost of ownership. The total cost of ownership for City Speed NYX e5 when used for 5 years is just Rs. 80,000 while the petrol scooter ownership cost for the same period is more than Rs. 2,00,000 (assuming average daily usages at 45 km). Now this figure comes from calculating all fixed and variable costs spent on a 2 wheeler while usage – from purchase cost of the vehicle to cost of refuelling / recharging, which for the Nyx is Rs. 7.65 for 1 Charge which gives a range of 70 km compared to Rs. 70 for 1 Litre of Petrol which gives a mileage of 45 kmpl; additionally this also covers the cost of maintenance and upkeep of the vehicles. At just 60 Paisa per Kilometre, the NXY e5 offers unparalleled value for money for city commuters and savings actually recover twice the cost of the vehicle.”

“The City Speed NYX e5 has been especially designed for the aspirational Indian. Hero Electric is offering a special price of Rs. 49,900 (Ex. Showroom Haryana). The scooters will be available pan India through wide network of over 400 Hero Electric dealers. Our commitment to sustainable mobility is manifested in the consistently superior products that we have launched over the years. Our new product range is an extension of this commitment,” Gill added.

NXY e5 is powered by highly specialized light weight Lithium-Ion Battery with the fastest charging capability in 4 hours and top up in 1 hour, to allow practically unlimited range. The battery is portable, which is the first of its kind, with life span lasting up to 5 years. The battery is able to power the 600 watt motor to deliver high performance even when going uphill.  The top speed of the Nyx e5 is 45 kmph which ranges above average traffic speed in a city which is between 3-25 kmph. The company offers 3 years of warranty both on scooter and battery.


The NYX e5 features a mobile charger, an innovative split seat with foldable rear seat to provide back rest while creating with extra storage space to users. The suspension of the vehicle is telescopic type and the ground clearance is 141 mm and it weighs 77 kg. The scooter has three side grab-rails for convenience of tying luggage. It has improved gradablity of 7 degrees.

The NXY e5 is aesthetically designed in a fine blend of sharp feature lines and bold curves to match today’s style needs, packing a provocative look and is available in two colors, black and silver.