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Customized Vehicles

Extended Range upto 110 Km

Delivery Vehicle

Extended Range upto 110 Km- Wave Dx Em
Exclusively designed vehicles for high distance commutation purposes with extended range of upto 100km per charge.
Ideal for small business owners and delivery purposes.
1. RANGE PER CHARGE* (upto) : 100km(70 km option also available)
2. BATTERY** : VRLA 48V/33AH
3. WHEEL SIZE : 10 inch
4. KERB WEIGHT : 117kg
Key Features
1. Long distance bike with 90-110 Km range
2. Anti-Theft alarm
3. Odometer to clock distances
4. Mobile Charger
Electrify your Deliveries with Hero Electric Bikes
Hero Electric Bikes are Ideal delivery vehicles for businesses like restaurants, food chains, grocery stores, general stores, medical stores/chemists, providing doorstep product delivery service to their customers on daily basis.
1. Most suitable for commercial and courier delivery purpose
2. Used by Restaurants/Food Joints/Medical Stores for short distance home delivery purposes
3. Battery Swapping arrangement for bulk buyer for trouble free business**
4. These vehicles will be branded with your organizations name & logo. This will further support enhance your brand visibility in the locality
5. Forge fuel bill reimbursement, No fuel theft & No frequent expensive services
6. Controlled Speed Models don't require registration & Driving License
7. Eco friendly, pollution free & safe transportation
8. Most cost effective mode of personalized transportation that cost only Rs 0.60/per km (approx.) resulting in everyday cost saving

Special Ability Fitment

Ambulance Vehicle

Special Ability Fitment :- Vehicles for differently abled persons

1. Electric Vehicles for differently abled and elderly citizens can also be used for in campus mobility

2. Extremely useful for organization working to support differently abled individuals, rehabilitation centers, etc

Ambulance vehicle
To assist as First Response Vehicle in medical emergencies, Hero Electric introduces astonSEVA, A highly stable 3-Wheeled Electric Vehicle for First Response Paramedics & Disaster Management Personnel at Educational & Industrial Campuses. It is equipped with latest world class life saving equipments which helps in providing best emergency life support in times of emergencies.

Hero Electric astonSEVA boosts the responsive medical assistance in big Educational & Industrial Campuses at one-fifth cost of an ambulance. astonSEVA adheres to the norms of National Ambulance Code.

Golf vehicle

Golf Vehicle

Hero Electric introduces astonEVO - A highly stable 3-Wheeled Electric Vehicle for Golf Courses/ Resorts/ Industrial & Educational campuses.

astonEVO is one of the most innovative ECOfriendly and ECOnomical mode of transportation, loaded with features. A result of Hero Electric's years of rigorous Research & Development

A highly customizable electric vehicle crafted to satisfy a variety of your in- campus mobility requirements which conserves the environment and keeps the campus pollution free.
Switch to astonEVO and contribute your bit to Society and Environment.