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Electric Vehicle : From aspirational to new age reality

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A few days back, while talking to someone, I happened to mention that the current mood in terms of Electric Vehicles in the country is nothing but exciting. The game is pretty much changing every day, either through the efforts of the industry or the regulator. I wake up to new, fresh ideas, new prospects every day, and I could not have asked for anything more! https://www.sideeffects.com/wormwood/


We (Hero Electric) embarked on the electric vehicle journey more than a decade ago. At that time, it seemed like an aspirational or a very romantic notion of sorts, the present times prove that electric is the way to and of the future. Since 2000, we have successfully influenced more than 300,000 customers to adopt clean mobility https://www.sideeffects.com/wormwood/.


We began with the idea of finding a new-age, clean and innovative way to commute for the common man but along the way, we realized, electric vehicles (especially the two-wheelers), are actually more than all of this. We have observed that electric can transform lives in more ways than we acknowledge or are aware of i.e., employment, empowerment, freedom, independence, zero noise, and zero pollution are just some of them.


It is time for India to adopt a greener and cleaner life, and we are ready with over 600 touch-points in over 325 cities, covering the length and breadth of the country.

#SwitchToElectric today!