Hero Electric offers a wide range of electric bikes for diverse needs of various Corporate.

Special Privileges for Bulk Buyers
Advantages No. of Bikes
Small Medium Big Very large
Ease of Buying
1 Loyalty schemes yes Yes Yes Yes
2 Buy Back schemes Yes Yes Yes
3 Bike Exchange schemes Yes Yes
Ease of Using 1 Discounts Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 Accessorisation Yes Yes Yes
3 Bikes modifications Yes Yes
4 Battery swapping arrangements Yes Yes
5 Special colors + Decals Yes
Ease of Maintaining 1 Extra Free services Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 Discounts on spares Yes Yes Yes
3 Extended warranties yes Yes Yes
4 Door Step Services Yes Yes
5 AMC for bikes with parts, consumables and labour Yes Yes
6 Hotline for queries/ issues Yes
7 Setting up service station at customer’s premises Yes
8 Dedicated Service staff Yes

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