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Spec Sheet

Top Speed

25 KM/H

Range Up To

85 KM/C

Full Charge

4 to 5 HRS

Registration required?


Key Features

Hero Electric Optima LX Bike Price - Key Features
Digital Instrument Cluster
Telescopic Suspension
USB Port
Alloy Wheels
Portable Battery
LED Headlamp
Remote Lock & Anti-Theft Alarm
Regen Braking

Digital Instrument Cluster

Get all the information you need, right in front of you with the stylish digital instrument cluster.

Find my bike

Trouble finding your vehicle? Horn and flasher activation through your mobile app will help you locate your vehicle in the parking lot.


Connect your vehicle through Bluetooth to Lock and unlock your vehicle or use your handlebar switches to use the same.

Follow Me

Easily move out of poor light conditions with this feature. Just keep the head-lamp on for a few seconds and let the lights guide you home.

Reverse Mode

Go backward without any hassle especially when you are stuck in tight parking spaces.

Telescopic Suspension

Improve your ride quality with telescopic suspension. It is built to assure a smooth and jerk free ride.

USB Port

Forget charging worries. Charge your device easily by connecting it to the USB port on the go.

Cruise Control

Enable rider to maintain a constant desired speed which helps eliminate inconvenience and makes rider more comfortable while riding the scooter.

Calculate Your Savings and Download a copy

Costs 4-times less than even public transport and requires zero petrol. You don’t just save money, but the environment too.

Petrol Vehicle
Electric Vehicle
₹ 0
Cost of fuel/charging
₹ 0
₹ 0
Maintenance Price
₹ 0
₹ 0
Annual Expenditure
₹ 0
Total Saving with EV : ₹ 0*

*Electric Vehicle in consideration is the Optima CX having 1 Li-Ion Battery