From Earth Hour initiative to making better choices for sustainable living.

News | 09 April 2021

Switch off lights during Earth Hour on March 27: BSES

Power discom BSES has urged its consumers to ‘Switch-off” lights during the Earth Hour on March 27.

Commenting on the importance of a sustainable planet, a BSES spokesperson said, “We sincerely appeal to our over 4.5 million consumers and around 18 million residents in our area to make the right choice for the planet and for the future generations that will inherit it. This Earth Hour, ‘switch-off and speak for nature’. Citizens can help protect the natural world to safeguard our future.”

“BSES discoms are actively championing sustainable growth by promoting renewable, roof-top solar, electric vehicles, battery storage, behavioural energy efficiency and demand side management programs. As conscientious corporate citizens, we also urge consumers to adopt a sustainable way of life and adopt green options like solar energy, EVs and energy efficiency as a way of life,” he said.

Earth Hour is an annual global event that draws attention to sustainability of our planet. Earth Hour 2021 will unite people online and put a spotlight on the urgent need to address the issues of ‘nature loss and climate change’. Showing solidarity with the event, BSES is once again actively and wholeheartedly supporting and promoting the Earth Hour initiative.