Hero Electric Makes the Highest Two-Wheeler EV Sales across India in H1 2021

Blog | 21 January 2022

Since the surge in fuel price, availability of Government and State subsidies on electric two-wheelers, and people becoming more environment conscious, India has been witnessing the growing demand of electric two wheelers. And being one of the largest electric vehicle two-wheelers manufacturers in the nation, we are glad to share that we have sold over 15,000 electric two wheelers by July 2021. In the month of July alone, we sold a whopping 4500 electric vehicles nation-wide, accounting for the highest number of E2Ws sold by any other electric-bike company in the first half of this year.

This increase in demand of electric two wheelers is the outcome of the Government and State initiatives, as reported by E2Ws companies and their dealers. For instance, the price of Hero Optima, one of our best-selling electric two-wheelers, now starts from around ₹55,580, and the price of Hero Nyx starts from ₹67,540. We are expecting a further increase in demand, and to meet this growing demand, we are increasing electric-bike production to 5 lakh per year.

In order to fulfill India’s growing electric two-wheeler demand, we have also been taking some solo and combined initiatives. Recently, we have partnered with Charzer to install 1 lakh electric charging stations across India. From our end, we have been training and upskilling mechanics to provide services to all kinds of electric bikes in future. This ecosystem, which we call Personal Garage Owners (PGOs), has trained over 6000 and is planning to train over 20,000 mechanics in the span of next two years.

“We believe that we will witness a hockey curve in this industry, and our previous sales is proof of that,” said Mr. Sohinder Gill, the CEO of Hero Electric. We are working continuously and helping our nation to adapt quickly to the EV revolution. We are happy about the success we have accomplished and are more determined to bag bigger milestones.