Hero Electric Is Most Proffered Indian EV Brand, Says JMK Research Findings

News | 01 December 2021
Hero Electric, India’s largest electric two-wheeler company, is the most preferred brand in the Indian EV market today, according to the latest JMK research findings. To celebrate the same, Hero Electric launched its new campaign – India’s No.1 EV Company. It re-iterates Hero Electric’s 14-year-old legacy of shaping and leading the way a robust electric two-wheeler ecosystem in India. Through this campaign, Hero Electric aims to convey its pioneering efforts in electrifying the two-wheeler space and solidifying its position as a market leader in the segment. Naveen Munjal, Managing Director, Hero Electric, said, “We are delighted and thank everyone for their support in making Hero, India’s no.1 Electric two-wheeler brand. We are glad to be operating in a country where consumers are becoming more aware and make greener choices that motivate us further to drive the mobility shift. There is an increased demand for EVs over the last few years that has helped us to stay India’s largest EV brand. This campaign is to recognize every individual who has supported us in our journey and responsibly chosen to make The Smart Move! With our varied product offerings and support from the Government, we are leading the change to transform the automotive two-wheeler market and stand at the forefront of this dynamic sector.” Speaking on the campaign, Sohinder Gill, CEO, Hero Electric, said, it’s the time to thank our customers who reposed trust in our products and the brand Hero in our journey to the top. I believe that No.1 comes with lots of responsibilities of being the role model for conducting our business in a fair and equitable manner that benefits the Customer, the Society and the Environment. As a leader we will continue to strive for the growth of an eco-system that supports easy and faster transition to electric mobility. India in on the cusp of a major revolution in the sustainable and zero carbon transport and we would very much like to be a significant contributor in making our world a better place to live and breathe. ‘India’s No. 1 EV’ campaign is focused on the innovation that led to catalyzing the electrification of the two-wheeler space in India. The campaign aims at creating awareness and empowering millions of Indians to start their journey towards electrification with Hero Electric. The ‘India’s No.1 EV’ campaign is to create and offer the best of electric two-wheelers to the consumers. With over 14 years of leadership, 400,000 plus customers, 700 plus dealerships and a wide product range, Hero Electric has laid the essential foundation for EV with the best technology and innovations. Source :- motownindia