Why It Is the Right Time to Adopt E2W (Electric 2 Wheelers)

Blog | 03 February 2022

India’s electric two wheeler market will reach $4.5 million-$5 million by 2025, according to McKinsey. Because of the decreasing battery prices, environment concerns, and government initiatives like FAME II to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, India is gradually on the path to go electric. However, it is not the sole reason we should adopt electric two wheelers. Let’s look at why we should adopt electric two wheelers in 2021.

Improving Riding Experience With Quality Features

Today’s electric two wheelers come with the latest technology and features, portable batteries. Riders can also charge their phones with installed USB ports.

One of the interesting features that separates electric two wheelers from fuel counterparts is regenerative braking, an energy recovery method that stops a moving vehicle by storing its kinetic energy into the battery.

Electric two wheelers are working both on aesthetics and performance. Hero Electric Optima CX – Dual Battery, for instance, uses alloy wheels that give an elegant appeal to the vehicle, besides making it lightweight and more stable.  Preventing riders from bumpy roads, its telescopic suspension provides a jerk-free and smooth ride.

Cost-Efficient Commuting

Two wheelers compromise the majority of vehicles in India, but with increasing fuel prices, it is difficult to bear the hefty cost, especially for city commuters who have to bear traffic along the way to get a refill.

In terms of cost and convenience, electric bikes also have a low running cost, as low as INR 0.60/ km, whereas a typical scooter/bike costs INR 2.7/Km for more than INR 90/L petrol. Since electricity is also fairly cheaper than fuel, electric bikes are cost-effective in the longer term.

If the running costs for the both the vehicles are compared for three years, keeping the distance travelled by each to 54,000 km, E2W will cost us INR 32,809 (0.6*54,000), and a typical scooter will cost us 1,44,000 (2.7* 54,000). Electric two wheelers will save INR 1,06,191. Plus, you can charge them at home.

Reduced Cost of Maintenance

Because of lesser movable parts, electric two wheelers are easy to maintain. They do not use any oil, engine, and multiple moving parts, which usually account for the high maintenance cost. E2Ws run on batteries that are easy to replace. Most high quality electric vehicles run on lithium-ion batteries, which are safe and light-weight. They also store more energy and run for years.

Lower Carbon Emissions

In India, two wheelers consume 60% of fuel consumed by motorized vehicles, and they also contribute to over 30% of the carbon emissions. E2Ws can help to reduce carbon emissions and meet India’s goals of achieving net-zero by 2070, as declared in the recent COP26 summit, because they do not produce noise or create pollution.


The need for electric vehicles is undeniable. It is true that we urgently require them to meet sustainability goals, and through advanced technology features, they can make our lives better, that too at lower running costs over the long term. Multiple automakers have been scaling up their E2W products to plug the E2W need. We, at Hero Electric, India’s largest electric two wheelers brand, have taken multiple initiatives, including setting up electric charging stations, to boost the adoption of electric vehicles in India. Check out our latest E2W products here.